Cafe Metro's Comitment to the Environment

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Commitment To The Environment

Café Metro is doing its part to help make the city and the planet a greener, more eco-friendly place. Here are the areas we are working on to make each and every one of our stores Greener:

Energy – We are currently using a selection of energy efficient lighting in every store and are working to convert to 100% efficient lighting. We also use energy star appliances in nearly half of our retail locations.

Water – We have aerators on every bathroom sink and have begun to install energy efficient spray valves in every store. We also sweep our sidewalks instead of using water to keep them clean.

Recycling – Every one of our stores recycles metal plastic and paper. We also recycle waste vegetable oil in our commissary and some of our larger stores and compost at our main preparation facility.

Earth-friendly Foods – We have expanded our all natural and organic options and are working on bringing in more

Moving Forward to a Brighter Future – We are always looking to identify areas in which we can take more steps in our efforts to GO GREEN!

Cafe Metro is proud to support the following organizations: